Blank Bar, Russian Style

When you think of Russia, a few things always come to mind. Amazing Vodka. Fuzzy hats. Chill. Interesting food. Words you can’t pronounce, besides water with a v, and we’ll have that too, with a twist – obviously. Russian style, and now football obviously.

So where will you be when your team wins the big game?

It’s Game on at BLANK Bar, With Russian vodka cocktails, perfect serves, stocked bar and food menu to enhance the full viewing experience.

Their mixologists will impart some of their tips and secrets to their gorgeous Bloody Mary or maybe its a Dirty Martini you're after? Bond would definitely approve There’s even a Hot Toddy for those extra cold Jozi nights. Ask their mixologists what the secret is to making the perfect Moscow Mule, and as always, you can download all their cocktails off the Blank Bar website to try at home and become famous for your new skills with your own friends and fans.

Drinks are cold but its warm inside. All games will be screened so pay Blank a visit!