Blank Bar, Japanese Whiskey

Blank's latest offering (read pop up bar) is East Meets West. This is Japanese Whiskey at its best. This is compliments of Blank: 

"Emerging from the East, comes some of the latest head-turning whisky sensations, which are changing attitudes and creating quite a stir.

With craft and culture permeating through all aspects of Eastern life, their whisky is no exception – as they take on the same craftsmanship and precision you would expect from anything from these honourable lands.

Even though they have been producing whisky for nearly a century – fairly unbeknownst to most of the people outside the country – we are now starting to savour this mastery in its true form.

Blank invites you to sample liquid artistry as we serve some inspired cocktails (which will even convert the “non” whisky drinkers), high balls and the perfect pours, sampling Nikka – Japan, Kavalan – Taiwan & John Paul – Indian

Not straying far from tradition delicious Don bowls (similar in appeal to its well-known cousin, the Poke bowl) and warming Miso soup are perfect a compliments as you taste, sip, experience and learn more about this fascinating beverage.

Remember our mixologists are there to share and impart some of their knowledge – so don’t be afraid to watch, ask and then download all our cocktails off the website and try them at home.