Hi, I'm Ant McDonald... 

These are my people and favorite subjects. They're the best to be with and even better to capture. They have learnt that my camera is like an extension of my arm and they've come to expect for it (and even ask for it) no matter where we are. 

I am a storyteller and lifestyle photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am married to the man I fell in love with at 18 and continue to fall deeper in love with everyday. We have two beautiful children, Samuel and Ruby. 

I feel like I stumbled into photography after working full-time in television production where I was writing, directing and producing. I have been shooting under the banner of Rockingchair for six years now. Why Rockingchair? Because that's where great stories are held. And told. Whether I'm documenting the love between a family or the essence of a menu at a new restaurant, I find myself caught up in and trying to capture the story. Story is everywhere. 

I love light, angles, composition and color. When I meet people, I can't help but frame them as if I was looking at them through a lens. I believe that many of the best moments are the ones you never set out to capture - the ones that captured you instead.

Book me, we'll have fun getting into your story!